Tower Games offers a wide selection of tabletop and miniature war games for Minneapolis gamers. We hold Miniature Wargames Nights twice a week, keep tables available for miniatures every day of the week in our Gaming Arena.

Need Help Painting Your Miniatures?

We keep a table exclusively for painting, so come on by and talk to other local painters for awesome painting tips. Remember: a pretty army is a deadly army!

Now, here are a few of the miniature wargames you’ll see played most often at Tower:

Warmachine and Hordes

Produced by Privateer Press, Warmachine is a steampunk wargame that uses characters from the world of the Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game.

In Warmachine, you take up the role of warcaster, a mage charged with the control and coordination of an army of warriors, machines and creatures. To add to the fun, you also control power magics which you can use to pump up your giant warjacks, assist your troops, or bring pain and misery to your enemy’s army.

Warmachine’s feral twin is Hordes. This fast-paced wargame is also set in the world of Iron Kingdoms, but takes place in the dark, untamed places outside of civilization where battle-wizards use fearsome warbeasts to do battle.

Warmachine and Hordes are two of our most popular games here at Tower, and are usually being played during our regular miniatures nights.

Warhammer 40k

40k takes the world of the original Warhammer and launches it into a dark future where the Imperium of Man (a vast interstellar regime of humans that controls nearly all of mankind) wages an ongoing war against the forces of the Tau, Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and of course – Orks!

Warhammer 40k is played heavily on Fridays, but our resident 40k experts are always happy to show you a demonstration!

Warhammer Fantasy

Presented by Games Workshop, Warhammer Fantasy features Wizards, Knights, Dragons, Vampires, Lizards and Orcs battling it out for ultimate glory! This is a fun, faced-paced game that combines the battle strategy of historical gaming with the fun and creativity of fantasy fiction.

Warhammer Fantasy is particularly popular on Thursday nights here at Tower, so stop on by it you’re curious to see what the game is all about! We also host quarterly tournaments, campaigns and slow-grow leagues.

Flames of War

Flames of War is the action-packed WWII miniatures game from Battlefront Miniatures. Tanks, artillery, infantry and support from eight different nations are yours to command as you recreate historic battles in Europe or North Africa, or fight unique missions against another player’s army.

At Tower Games, Flames of War is often played on Wednesday nights, and features a great community of players.


Created by Wyrd Games, Malifaux combines… well… just about everything. Gothic, steampunk and Victorian horror, wild west adventure, magical mishaps — all thrown together using character-driven stories and fast-paced skirmish gameplay (featuring small crews rather than large armies).

At Tower Games, Malifaux might be played on any night of the week, but Thursday is the likeliest night to find another Malifaux player.