Tower Games in Minneapolis hosts local tournaments and open play for a number of tradable and collectible card games. These games are constantly being played here at Tower in our Games Arena so there are always opponents to be found and new friends to make! Here are a few of our most popular card games:

Magic: The Gathering

This one is played daily at Tower Games! Published by Wizards of the Coast, Magic: the Gathering pits you against your opponent (or opponents!) with a deck full of deadly spells and dangerous creatures. This is a game that’s heavy on deck building — since thousands of cards already exist and new cards are released each year, your deck possibilities are nearly endless!

In addition to being played daily at Tower Games, we hold drafts every Monday and Friday night, and play host to other special events, such as pre-release parties, official Friday Night Magic events and Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments. Check out our Events Calendar for specific dates or stop in and talk to our Magic experts.


Based on the popular Nintendo video game series, the Pokémon Card Game brings the action to the tabletop, where players build decks and go to battle using their favorite Pokémon. Decks are sold in themed packs, with extra cards available in booster packs and expansions (four of which are released each year), which continue to evolve and expand the game.

Keep an eye on Tower Games’ Events Calendar for upcoming tournament information.


In the cyberpunk, dystopian world of Android: Netrunner, giant megacorporations have taken over the world (and beyond). In response, hackers known as netrunners attempt to infiltrate their systems — some looking for money, others for justice.

This is a two-player game from Fantasy Flight Games, and it’s enjoying a lot of popularity here at Tower Games — so keep an eye on our Events Calendar for upcoming tournaments!